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The specially developed S-Logic technology offers spatial perception and a sound stage that is unparalleled.


What is S-Logic®?

S-Logic technology is how ULTRASONE brings sound into the user’s hearing. The human ear is a complex miracle of nature.

The entire ear is involved in the listening experience – including the auricle. It is responsible for ensuring that we can perceive distances and directions.

This is a particular challenge when listening to headphones, as the sound is often emitted directly into the ear.

It is precisely for this reason that we have developed our patented S-Logic® technology, which includes the entire ear, including the auricle.

Here, the transducers are not placed in the middle of the headphone cup but offset forward and downward. As a result, the sound first hits the outer ear – the inclusion of the auricle anatomy in the hearing process creates a spatial perception for all common stereo sources, without any additional electronics.

The result is an impressively natural sound, directions and distances are reproduced without distortion and authentically. With S-Logic® you don’t hear music in your head, but on a large stereo stage in front of you.

ULTRASONE S-LOGIC headphones provide -40% less hearing fatique.

- 40% load

S-Logic® headphones require about 3-4 dB lower sound pressure to achieve the same volume perception – Up to 40% less strain on the ear, which significantly reduces the risk of hearing damage.

ULTRASONE S-LOGIC headphones provide -40% less hearing fatique.

Less hearingfatigue

With ULTRASONE S-Logic® headphones, the ears tire less, even during long listening sessions, so that carefree music enjoyment is possible for many hours.
ULTRASONE S-LOGIC headphones provide spatial sound image.

Spatial sound image

Optimized, spatially improved perception of voices and instruments with stereo sound signals.

Broad sound despite headphones.

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Precision Dampening

S-Logic® Plus combines precision dampening with micro-acoustic reinforcement, allowing driver, buffer-board, and spatial parameters to complement one another optimally.


Maximum neutral sound

The tonal fine-tuning result in a maximum neutral sound impression with a more vivid perception of voices and instruments.

ULTRASONE S-Logic EX high-end headphones.

Precise localization

S-Logic®EX is particularly popular in the gaming sector. The precise location option through the refined sound tuning brings a decisive advantage in the game.


wider sound stage

With the angled drivers, we create an even larger soundstage. This is often used for enjoying films carried by great soundtracks.

ULTRASONE S-Logic EX headphones.

S-Logic 3


S-Logic3 is based on an innovative design that is reflected in a natural spatial effect.

The listening experience is practically inseparable from that of professional studio monitors and, unlike loudspeakers, does not depend on the room acoustics.

The DDF (Dual Deflector Fin) is positioned in the sound field which segments the intensity of the sound.

In this way, the directional medium and high-frequency signal components remain almost unchanged, while the lower medium and low frequencies are partially masked and directed and their areal exit distribution is changed, which further refines the S-Logic effect.


Natural spatial effect.

ultrasone s logic 3 ddf headphone transp


Dual Deflector Fin

ultrasone s logic headphone module

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Most current headphones generate so-called low-frequency fields when converting electrical signals to acoustic signals. ULTRASONE has developed Ultra Low Emission technology, or ULE, specifically to minimize low-frequency fields. For this purpose, an MU metal shield is used as a partition (or buffer board) between the air volume at the ear and the headphone capsule.

This shielding reduces magnetic radiation by up to 98% compared to standard headphones. Especially professional users who regularly work with their headphones for many hours at a stretch appreciate this feature. But ULE technology also benefits home users, especially during long listening sessions.

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