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ULTRASONE Signature Pure

PURE professional performance!”

We have received feedback from our customers about the discontinuation of the HFI series, which has been in production since 1997. Many have requested a successor to the HFI-780 model in particular, which was known for its balanced, bass-emphasized sound and enjoyable listening experience. 

To address this need, we developed the ULTRASONE Signature PURE headphones. These headphones combine the features of the top models of the HFI series with the latest technologies of the Signature series. 

They are designed with the latest S-Logic3 sound system, which improves spatiality, depth, and precision, providing a superior listening experience for the listener. 

Durable and comfortable padding materials for the padding, and integrated FGC technology in the head cushion ensure that listeners can enjoy their music for extended sessions without discomfort. 

ULTRASONE is committed to providing our loyal customers with the best possible listening experience, and the Signature PURE is our latest offering to meet this goal.

As a professional in the studio, you will appreciate the comfort and sound quality of the ULTRASONE Signature PURE headphones. 

They’re designed to prevent listening fatigue and benefit from patented ULTRASONE technology, making them an efficient and effective choice for studio operators. 

The sound has been adjusted to the famous Harman ideal curve, with special attention given to the lower frequencies. The result is a sound that’s enjoyable for everyone, making work easier and more emotional. 

The ULTRASONE Signature PURE headphones come with a removable cable with bayonet lock and a cozy padded transport bag. 

These headphones are a long-lasting partner for all your audio needs, at a price lower than before…

The price is now only 169 USD / EURO, which is lower than the previous HFI-780.

Experience the Difference

Unparalleled sound quality, exquisite design, and cutting-edge technology.

Indulge in a symphony of sonic brilliance with the exceptional Signature Pure, a pinnacle of audio mastery within our prestigious Signature Series.

Rediscover your favorite tracks with newfound clarity, precision, and depth. Whether you’re an entry-level enthusiast or a seasoned audiophile, the ULTRASONE Signature Pure is your gateway to sonic bliss.

Sonic Superiority

With the Signature Pure, we’ve crafted an entry model that surpasses expectations, delivering a level of sonic excellence typically associated with higher-end headphones. Experience extraordinary clarity, rich bass response, and an immersive soundstage that transports you to the heart of the music.

Unmatched Value

We believe that everyone should have access to remarkable audio experiences, and Signature Pure embodies this philosophy. Combining our years of expertise with carefully selected components, we’ve crafted a headphone that offers an unprecedented level of value without compromising on quality.

Targeted Excellence

The ULTRASONE Signature Pure caters to a wide range of audio enthusiasts, including discerning music lovers, budding audiophiles, and entry-level professionals seeking exceptional audio companion.

We’ve created a headphone that not only meets the demands of these individuals but exceeds them with its remarkable performance and affordability.

Craftsmanship and Design

The ULTRASONE Signature Pure showcases our unwavering commitment to exceptional design and craftsmanship. From the opulent materials to the sleek and streamlined aesthetic, every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure both durability and timeless elegance.

Technical Brilliance

50mm Dynamic Drivers: Revel in the immersive audio experience delivered by our precision-engineered 50mm dynamic drivers, providing extraordinary clarity and dynamic range.

Immersive Soundstage

Double Deflector Fins (DDF): Experience an expansive and immersive soundstage, meticulously sculpted by strategically positioned DDFs. They enrich your audio journey, ensuring precise sound localization, reduced distortion, and enhanced bass response.

ULTRASONE Signature Pure with S-LOGIC®

The innovative S-Logic® technology incorporates the auricle into the sound image through specially developed earpiece geometry. This creates a unique listening experience, just like in a recording studio, which is also easy on the ear.

With S-Logic® you don’t hear music in your head, but on a large stereo stage in front of you.

Unmatched Acoustic Engineering

Frequency Response: 8Hz – 35 000 Hz:

Unveil the nuances of your music with a broad frequency response that captures the deepest lows and the most delicate highs.

Ultra Low Emission (ULE) Technology: Our dedication to your well-being is showcased through our LE technology, reducing electromagnetic radiation exposure during use.

Professional Design

Quality Materials: The ULTRASONE Signature Pure harmoniously blends premium materials, offering both timeless elegance and durability.

Comfortable Fit: The adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions, enveloping you in sonic luxury.

Detachable Cable: Experience versatility and convenience with the detachable cable, allowing for easy replacement or customization.

Wide Compatibility: The 3.5mm gold-plated stereo plug ensures seamless integration with a variety of audio equipment.

“We never rest, until we have created a one-of-a-kind product. Precision, perfection and passion is our DNA.”

ULTRASONE Signature Series for Professionals

ULTRASONE has always listened to the demands of both professionals and music enthusiasts and has concluded that offering top-notch products to both groups would be highly beneficial.


Ultrasound technology has always provided incredible listening experiences, but the latest products have also uncovered previously unnoticed imperfections in recordings, leading to opportunities for improvement for music professionals.

In the year 2000, ULTRASONE diversified its business structure to cater to professional users including recording engineers, DJs, mixing and mastering engineers, and performing artists. It is imperative for professionals to use top-quality equipment as it wouldn’t make sense for them to work with anything less than perfect while the audience around the globe has access to better headphones as well.

In 2012 ULTRASONE created the famous Signature PRO, a combination of edition 9 sound signature and the professional design features of our PRO-Models. It offered the best possible sound for professional users.

Today, new ULTRASONE Signature products have taken over this position in the market and are quite easily the best tools for the studio, at home, or on the road.

Undisturbed Work

With our passive noise cancellation, the ULTRASONE products (selected models) offer the best conditions for hours of concentrated work.

Selected Materials

The enclosed housing is made of extremely resistant plastic, which can withstand even the toughest studio use without any problems. Genuine merino leather ensures comfort at the highest level.


The S-Logic® technology is an innovative approach that integrates the auricle into the sound image through a specially designed earpiece geometry.

As a result, S-Logic® creates a unique listening experience that is similar to what you would hear in a recording studio and is also gentle on the ear.

With S-Logic®, you don’t just hear the music in your head; instead, it feels like you are in a large stereo stage where the music is played right in front of you.


When using headphones, dynamic drivers emit electromagnetic radiation. To reduce this radiation, ULE (Ultra Low Emission) Technology was developed.

Join the ULTRASONE Signature Family!

The ULTRASONE Signature Pure invites you to become part of the ULTRASONE Signature Family, where exceptional sound and remarkable value converge.

Embrace a world of sonic excellence, where passion meets innovation, and elevate your audio experience to new heights.

ULTRASONE Signature PURE – Pure Passion!