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With over 25 years of experience and passion for development, we have created a unique, natural sound. Our patented S-Logic® technology forms the soul of our headphones and allows us to create a previously unrivaled wide soundstage.

The manufactory

“Made in Bavaria”: At Gut Raucherberg in Bavaria we manufacture our exclusive manufactory headphones. We use the finest quality materials with the highest precision and a lot of passion, because we capitalize on sustainability and renewable raw materials.


Headphones are our passion and accompany us every day. On our blog we keep you updated about new products and offer fascinating insights directly from the manufactory ULTRASONE at Gut Raucherberg.

Over it, on it or inside?

Over it, on it or inside? what are the differences?Over-ear, on-ear and in-ear headphones: what are the differences? In an earlier post we have explained differences between <a...

balanced vs. unbalanced

The right twist for interference-free signals Balanced transmission for headphonesBalance is important – not only in life, but also when it comes to the best possible audio enjoyment. Balanced signal transmission can improve sound quality and is a staple in...

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