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I am proud to see how ULTRASONE masters it again and again to manufacture the best possible products with the highest standards of quality and to pay attention to the climate and nature for our next generations!

Michael Willberg


Key Features



  • Mylar
  • Titan
  • TruTex
  • GTC (Gold Titanium Compound)


  • Comfort
  • lightweight
  • adjustable contact pressure
  • high quality materials friendly to the skin

Quality as a promise

  • engineered in Germany
  • Sustainability for climate and customers
  • high quality materials are used

“Hear the top sound of Ultrasone” “Listen to Ultrasone and never be alone again”  

– DJ Ramzes

“Signature DXP sounded so fine that it doesn’t forgive you much when producing house tracks. It helps you mix and produce a great track.”

– Kai Schwarz

“Ultrasone are the BMW’s among headphones, upper class from Bavaria.”  

– Banks & Rawdriguez

“There is only you and hearing, then comes ULTRASONE. With the headphones you experience clarity and gentleness – a new dimension that you want to keep.”  

– DJ Gray

About Us

Founded in 1991, ULTRASONE AG today is a reference for audiophiles and music lovers. At ULTRASONE, we love handcrafting beautiful things for audio enthusiasts and professionals. Headphones that create an “out-of-the-world” music experience. There’s very little in the world that takes our breath away quite like a headphone that was lovingly crafted, built with care and passion, and presented with the sort of pride that benefits a marvelously well-made item. At ULTRASONE, we aim to create a quality that earns us the highest possible recognition for Bavarian innovation and exceeds our customer expectations. We strive relentlessly for perfection in our work. From the simplest to the most complex designs, the details make all the difference. Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. It is a quality that has been honed, refined, and practiced over the last 30 years that we’ve been in business. Craftsmanship and ingenuity are what we aim to make the difference from a good design to great product designs. Customers recognize craftsmanship in our “reference standard headphones” longevity and reliability. ULTRASONEs hand-made and carefully built products will be an item you will be proud to pass along to the next generation, that is our aim. They are built well and built to last.



Visit us!

Factory visit

By making an appointment, it is possible to visit our factory and try our headphones on site



+49 881 9011500


Gut Raucherberg 3,
82407 Wielenbach