ULTRASONE: the Bavarian headphone manufacturer





Luxury for the ears: ULTRASONE develops and produces headphones for all the senses – this unification of sound, shape and materials is hand-crafted in the Bavarian production facility. The secret to our success? The unique, ‘natural surround sound’ for music lovers and professional users.


More than a quarter of a century of headphone expertise

For more than 25 years, ULTRASONE has been developing and producing headphones in Wielenbach, Bavaria. The people here at the Raucherberg estate, in the idyll of a gigantic Alpine panorama, are passionate about providing a private listening experience. Perhaps it’s the calm of the picturesque landscape that encourages creativity, perhaps it’s the passion for creating unique products, perhaps it’s the desire to keep thrilling hi-fi enthusiasts and professional users over and over again – perhaps it’s all of these things combined.

One thing is certain: ULTRASONE has successfully registered over 60 patents to date and is continuously researching how to provide the human ear with the luxury it deserves. As such, the company not only has the highest standards when it comes to sound, but also when it comes to design and materials. Music lovers, gamers, DJs, musicians, sound engineers, composers and many more swear by the ‘natural surround sound’ from Bavaria.


A uniquely natural sound signature

ULTRASONE is synonymous with ‘natural surround sound’. A natural sound that reproduces the music exactly as the artist intended. ULTRASONE headphones are therefore comparable to high-quality speakers with remarkable dynamism and audio excellence that make listening to music a unique private concert experience. Following the maxim of reproducing sound as naturally as possible has led to a unique, patented development: S-Logic®.


S-Logic® – the heart of ULTRASONE headphones

Patented S-Logic® technology is the technological heart of ULTRASONE headphones. Unlike other headphones, sound transducers in ULTRASONE headphones are not directly aimed at the ear canal, but are instead arranged decentrally so as to use the natural reflections of the inner ear. This not only creates a larger sound stage, but also gives music more dimensionality and a better spatial quality. Even the depth of sound, the arrangement of different instruments in a piece of music, is more clearly defined. One happy side-effect is that this type of sound conduction also protects the hearing: the same perceived volume requires 3–4 dB less sound pressure.

Over the years, ULTRASONE has refined its unique technology and used a new process to make it even more intense. The result: S-Logic® Plus. With the introduction of the high-end Edition 5 model, the Bavarian developers were able to reach a new technological milestone: S-LogicEX® was introduced. In this patent, a funnel-shaped sound transducer arrangement increases the distance to the ear and therefore also the spatial quality. ULTRASONE headphones also come with MU metal shielding, a unique technology that reduces electrosmog: MU metal shielding reduces magnetic radiation by up to 98 per cent compared to conventional headphones.


ULTRASONE in figures

  • Sound and ergonomics thanks to two core technologies: S-Logic® and ULE
  • Over 25 years of expertise in headphone manufacture
  • Export from the Bavarian production facility to over 50 countries across the globe
  • Over 60 registered patents for headphone technology
  • More than 100 new ideas each day for more musical enjoyment

Handcrafted for the best sound

Skilful hands are the secret behind the ULTRASONE production facility: they use high-quality materials such as fine woods, real leather and durable metals to create unique compositions for a very personal music experience. Thanks to the natural materials, each model is unique. The last step is the integration of the painstakingly developed sound transducers – the heart of each set of headphones. Finally, the headphones are subjected to comprehensive tests. Only when they have passed these tests do they receive an individual serial number and be released for sale.

Roots in Bavaria – at home anywhere in the world

Every day, headphones leave ULTRASONE for countries all over the world – because excellent sound is in demand across the globe. In Asia, North America, Germany – many people enjoy music through headphones that were developed in Bavaria. These include many well-known musicians, music producers, sound engineers, composers and DJs: famous fans include Axl Rose and Keith Harris. DJ Gray uses them in his concerts, as does Jam El Mar, who won’t go without them in the studio.