ULTRASONE ULE technology (Ultra Low Emission)2017-12-08T14:02:10+00:00

ULTRASONE`s ULE-Technology (Ultra Low Emission) is unique and unique.

Ultrasone invented the inimitable S-Logic® Natural Surround Sound and Ultra Low Emission technologies. Ultrasone integrates safer hearing aspects without neglecting latest technologies. The consideration of all these aspects is fundamental for modern headphones. Please don´t hesitate to send an e-mail for further information.

Most headphone drivers produce low-frequency magnetic fields as they convert an electrical signal into the acoustical signal that we hear as music. ULTRASONE has developed a special MU Metal shielding that we call ULE (for Ultra Low Emissions) to reduce this radiation by up to 98%, compared to conventional headphones. This technology has withstood the test of international review and is recommended by technical surveillance organizations. ULTRASONE originally developed ULE-technology for Professionals, since they spend half of their lives in headphones. But due to overwhelming consumer demand, we are pleased to offer ULE in the other ULTRASONE lines.