ULTRASONE Edition Serie:
With the patented S-Logic® Plus technology!

An open headphone masterpiece, handcrafted in Germany and strictly limited: ULTRASONE’s Edition eleven hi-fi headphones with S-Logic® Plus technology will impress you with its airy sound and impressive spatiality

An audiophile work of art, made in Germany. Every single set of ULTRASONE Edition eleven headphones is meticulously handcrafted at our production facility at Gut Raucherberg near Lake Starnberg. There, our open, dynamic headphones are produced by our experienced team with a passion and attention to detail that is audible. The Edition eleven is a very special set of headphones, which is emphasised by fact that they are the strictly limited to 1,111 pieces.

Open construction for an airy, balanced sound

The circumaural, open construction forms the basis for the airy, brilliant sound of these headphones. This provides impressive spatiality and a stunning sound stage, so you will practically be able to picture each instrument in your mind’s eye. With the Edition eleven you will be able to enjoy your favourite music authentically and intensely, but at the same time with a distinct, airy effortlessness.

The basis of this unique sound experience is a 40mm driver with TruText bio-cellulose fibre compound membrane. Moreover, ULTRASONE has used neodymium-iron-boron magnets in the Edition eleven. The balanced frequency spectrum starts well below the human range of hearing with a bass of 6 hertz then reaching up to highs of 42,000 hertz. This guarantees that every nuance of the music, no matter how subtle, is authentically reproduced. The sound pressure level is 94 dB.

S-Logic® Plus provides an impressive sound stage

The spatial sound is achieved not only thanks to the open design but also our patented S-Logic® Plus technology. The key element of this is the decentralised arrangement of the transducers: instead of sitting in the centre of the ear cup, they are offset towards the bottom and front. This means that the sound does not travel directly into your ear, but first hits the outer ear, offering outstanding spatial graduation. Moreover, the use of S-Logic® Plus means that less sound pressure is required to achieve the same perceived volume. This protects your hearing and ensures that the ears do not get tired, even after long hours of use. ULTRASONE ULE (Ultra Low Emission) technology and MU metal sound shielding also minimise low-frequency fields, and magnetic radiation is thus minimised by up to 98% when compared to standard headphones.

Elegant, durable and comfortable

As such, more relaxed and comfortable enjoyment of music for hours at a time are guaranteed. This effect is enhanced by the open construction of the over-ear headphones: as the ear cups are open, fresh air can make its way to the ears to make long listening sessions headphones much more comfortable. Velvety soft velour ear cushions provide even more comfort. If desired, the ear cups can be changed in an instant. The 3-metre, 4-core premium cable with 2 connectors is also detachable.

The Edition eleven is not only an acoustic masterpiece – it also sets the standard for how handcrafted headphones should look. The solid walnut ear cups are real eye-catchers and emphasise the value and the elegance of these headphones. The solid aluminium headband not only looks good, but also provides a secure and comfortable fit. ULTRASONE has used only the highest quality components and materials to guarantee that the product can be enjoyed for years to come. The robust construction also copes well with demanding everyday conditions.

Audiophile listening pleasure for your favourite music

As a set of circumaural headphones, the Edition eleven is perfect for all kind of entertainment, from music through to gaming. These dynamic, handcrafted headphones excel when it comes to high-fidelity music enjoyment: from classical and jazz to rock and pop – audiophile songs from every genre are reproduced exactly as the artist intended. The Edition eleven precisely depicts every nuance with a balanced frequency range and transparent sound.

These headphones come with microvelour ear cushions, a detachable premium cable and a comprehensive range of accessories: a 3.5-to-6.3mm screw adapter and a microfibre cleaning cloth for easy cleaning. The headphone stand, which is also included in delivery, are the perfect way to display your headphones in your home – and when you’re on the go they can be stored safely in the included transport pouch.

Edition 8Edition 8
  • Principle: dynamic, open-back
  • S-Logic® Plus technology
  • ULE technology
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Driver/Driver size: TruTex bio cellulose fibre compound, 40mm
  • Magnet: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 6 - 42,000 Hz
  • SPL: 94 dB
  • Weight (excl. cord): 318 g
  • solid aluminium headband
  • solid walnut housing
  • Alcantara headband
  • Micro-velour ear cushions, black
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Exclusively transportation bag, black
  • Headphone stand MOTEGA, black
  • Micro fiber cleaning cloth
  • Detachable premium cable:
    • 4-core, with 2-Pin connectors, 3.0m with gold-plated 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Adapter 3.5/6.3 mm gold plated, screwable

"With this model Ultrasone has surpassed itself in my opinion. The design with the beautifully crafted walnut and the clear, circle-based design language without embellishments is unique. The natural material wood makes each piece unique. Also the sound convinces me at the first beats: open and airy, almost weightless, but nevertheless with depth. Great".

- Audio 12/2018

"Ultrasone has set itself a lot of goals with Edition eleven - and has implemented almost everything of them. Limited to 1,111 units, the premium headphones "made in Bavaria" can compete with the best in their class. It impresses with a great quality of workmanship, a very pleasant wearing comfort that is suitable for the long term, a powerful, sonorous sound and comparatively generous three-dimensionality. What can I say about this? A fat recommendation!

- LowBeats 04.11.2018

"In addition to the excellent sound, there is also the beautiful materiality of each unique piece and the high wearing comfort. It doesn't want to be a raw working tool, but a luxury product, the handmade headphones from Bavaria. And he succeeds: sound and visual."

- kopfhoerer.de (December 2018)

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See, Feel and Hear the Luxury - Edition 8 Classic incorporates stunning attention to detail in every aspect of headphone design.

Edition 8 Classic is hand-made in Germany. Each Edition 8 Classic headphone holds its own serial number to assure a distinctive identification.

Edition 8 Classic incorporates stunning attention to detail in every aspect of headphone design. The outer ear cups are covered in Ruthenium. This precious metal is known for its brilliant metallic sheen and durable properties. The outer ear cups are emblazoned with a decorative clasp of noble metal.

The interior ear cups of Edition 8 Classic headphones and the headband are covered in very soft genuine black Ethiopian sheepskin leather. This is the finest leather available and provides the finest isolation of any leather.

The metal headband of Edition 8 typifies latest scientific knowledge in headband design and development. This unique progression of headband design made by ULTRASONE is highly developed and technical precision work; specifically engineered for the Edition 8 series. The headband is also covered with the very soft genuine black Ethiopian sheepskin leather.

Edition 8 Classic comes with an exclusively manufactured bag made from smooth, fine grain Madras goatskin produced in France for storage and transportation.

In addition to a titanium plated tri-bass-tube driver, this Edition series headphone follows ULTRASONE´s S-Logic Plus Technology which results in a most neutral sound impression with more vivid perception of voices and instruments. The Edition 8 Classic also contains MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) that reduces magnetic field emissions. Naturally, the Edition 8 Classic headphones require the ULE technology as the exclusiveness of these headphones call for the ULE standard.

Edition 8Edition 8
  • Principle: dynamic, closed
  • S-Logic® Plus technology
  • ULE technology
  • Impedance: 30 ohms
  • Driver/Driver size: Mylar/Titan, 40mm
  • Magnet: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 6 - 42000 Hz
  • SPL: 96 dB
  • Weight (excl. cord): 260g
  • solid aluminium headband
  • ruthenium coated ear cups
  • decorative clasp of noble metal
  • dark grey premium leather from the Ethiopian long-haired sheep
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Exclusively leather transportation bag, black
  • Micro fiber cleaning cloth
  • Non detachable cable USC Cord with 3.5 mm gold plated plug, cable length: 1.2 m (OFC Cable)
  • USC extension cable with 3.5 mm gold plated plugs, cable length 4 m (OFC Cable)
  • Adapter 3.5/6.3 mm gold plated

The Edition 8 is definitely at home amongst the top flight in quality headphones.

FAZ 15.06.2010

With the Edition 8 and its closed-back design Ultrasone has created a top-quality headphone that is also suited to portable devices. Acoustically it wins the listener over with its directness and almost excessive detail.

Stereoplay 8/2009

The sound quality is recognised as one of the best ever achieved, while its design allows one’s eyes to join in the feast

DLM 01/2010

And the sound? Simply out of this world.

Widescreen 01/12

Ultrasone’s up-market Edition 8 Palladium headphones are handmade in Germany and have a wide frequency range, lots of expression, and a very open sound.

AUDIO 01/2012

Each headphone is handmade in Germany and has its own, unique serial number – making every model unique.

SFT 01/12

Der Edition 8 mit erlesenem Wohlklang ist etwas für Profis und kompromisslose Musikliebhaber.

ComputerBild 14/2013

Ultrasones Edition 8 Romeo könnte, wie sein "weibliches" Pendat "Julia", ein echter portabler Traumkopfhörer sein.

kopfhoerer.de 07/2015

Those who find the sound OK and are not scared of using an EQ will get outstandingly produced headphones that offer long-term comfort as well as high-quality, attractive materials and good isolation.

kopfhoerer.de 08/2015

With the Edition 8 Palladium, Ultrasone has headphones in its portfolio that, with regards to craftmanship, are of the highest quality.

kopfhoerer.de 09/2015

With the Edition 8 Ruthenium, Ultrasone is offering headphones whose production quality is nowhere else to be found.

kopfhoerer.de 09/2015


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On the move... mit dem ersten mobilen Luxus Kopfhörer.

The Edition M BLACK PEARL is handmade in Germany, and is the latest pair of mobile on-ear headphones in the Edition range. Weighing only 146g, exquisite materials make this lightweight the highest-quality pair of headphones in its class..

Like all ULTRASONE headphones in the Edition family, only carefully selected, tried-and-tested materials are used when making the Edition M BLACK PEARL.

The precisely crafted spring steel headband fits the head snugly and elegantly. The high-glossy earcups with metal surface and PVD coating look like black pearls. That surface treatment ensures both resilience and exclusivity at the same time. The laser-engraved logo underlines the fine craftsmanship. Leather from the sheep envelops the headband and offers unrivalled comfort. Made from this same extraordinarily soft leather, the ear cushions offer the highest level of insulation.

These hand-crafted headphones for on-the-go perfectly combine the compactness desired for mobile use with the sound volume of extraordinary, top-class hi-fi headphones. When connected to a high-quality music player, notebook, tablet or smartphone, the Edition M BLACK PEARL will develop its full audiophile potential. It will transform every train, plane or any other type of journey into an unequalled sound experience. The Edition M BLACK PEARL`s outstanding acoustic properties arise not only from the careful material selection and manufacturing process, but also from our patented Ultrasone S-Logic® Plus technology. The integrated MU metal shielding is also a must-have feature of this exclusive exemplar.

A detachable OFC cable with integrated remote control and microphone are included with the headphones. Thus, switching between telephone conversations and music playback is no problem at all. The 1.2 m cable has a gold-plated, angled, 3.5 mm 4-pin jack. The finely crafted bag is made from waterproofed felt and guarantees safe storage and secure transport.

Edition M Black PearlEdition M Black PearlEdition M Black Pearl
  • Principle: dynamic, closed back
  • S-Logic® Plus technology
  • ULE technology
  • Impedance: 40 ohms
  • Titanium coated 30mm driver
  • Magnet: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 10 – 38.000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 99 dB
  • Weight(without cable): 146 g
  • Detachable cable with Micro and Remote (1.2.m, OFC) gold plated, angled 3.5 mm 4 pole plug
  • Spring steel headband
  • PVD coated ear cups, high-glossy with metal surface
  • Head pad and ear pads made of finest sheep leather
  • Mikrofaserputztuch
  • Fein gearbeitete Filz-Tasche

"The Ultrasone Edition M is made for those, who expect great high-fidelity sound, but not necessarily want to listening to home stereo systems. Combined with a simple music player, like a smartphone, the sound is outstanding."

modernhifi.de 06.10.2015

"A cultivated acoustic masterpiece with the perfect craftmanship and material quality for use on the go."

areadvd.de 05.10.2015

"The Edition M excites with its timelessly elegant design and first-class workmanship."

lite-magazin.de 30.09.2015

"When it comes to high-end hardware, it helps to have a great name behind great products, like Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, or in this case, Ultrasone. With German engineering, Ultrasone artfully crafted their newest addition to their…well, Edition family.
Surely, the Ultrasone Edition M headphones are truly worth marveling with just its looks alone with its three-tone design."

Soundguys July/2015

"...this definitely screams “Premium” and that’s what makes it a really cool pair of headphones."

Soundguys July/2015

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Edition M Plus BLACK PEARL stands for light weight, mobility and a circumaural design.

In response to multiple customer requests, the mobile Edition M is now also available in a circumaural version, without impacting your mobile enjoyment. UTLRASONE is dedicating this further development to its many faithful fans who always have their ULTRASONES with them wherever they go.

This mobile Edition is made in the manufacturing facility in Germany. Each one is therefore unique. The precisely crafted spring steel headband fits the head snugly and comfortably. The high-gloss, ruthenium-look, PVD-coated ear cups are designed to enclose the ears. The high-quality coating is hard-wearing and will catch the eye with its irresistible elegance.

Finest sheep leather covering the headband provides maximum wear comfort. The ear cushions are also made from this same soft leather, offering the highest level of insulation.

These hand-crafted circumaural mobile headphones offer everything you need when on the go. Compact and easy to use, with their 40mm titanium-coated sound transducer, they are a key player in the top-class, high-end headphones segment. Patented S-Logic® Plus technology ensures exceptional acoustic properties. Of course, this quality product boasts our tried-and-tested MU metal shielding.

When connected to a high-quality music player, a notebook or your smartphone, these premium headphones will open up a huge audio stage of professional sounds. Every journey you take with these headphones will thus turn into a true sound experience.

A detachable 1.2cm long OFC cable with integrated remote control and microphone is included with the headphones. This cable has a gold-plated, angled, 3.5cmm 4-pin jack. A finely crafted felt bag serves as stylish protection during transportation.

Ultrasone Edition M PLUSUltrasone Edition M PLUS
  • Principle: dynamic, closed back
  • S-Logic® Plus technology
  • ULE technology
  • Impedance: 30 ohms
  • Titanium coated 40mm driver
  • Magnet: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 7 – 39.000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 96 dB
  • Weight(without cable): 228g
  • Detachable cable with Micro and Remote (1.2m, OFC) gold plated, angled 3,5mm 4 pole plug
  • Spring steel headband
  • PVD coated ear cups, high-glossy with metal surface
  • Head pad and ear pads made of finest sheep leather
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Finely crafted felt bag

""The Ultrasone Edition M shows, how acoustically powerful a mobile headphone could be.""

AREA DVD 07.12.2016

"Optically it seems to be a piece of jewelry, however noble the over ear headphone comes around with its sheep leather."

Video 01/2017

"Sehr klar und schnörkellos dichtet er kaum hinzu und schält auch feine Nuancen heraus."

netzwelt.de 03.02.2017

"The sound is crunchy, with a strong bass, but not harsh."

Audio 02/2017

"...gelingt dem Ultrasone Edition M Plus Black Pearl ein räumliches, transparentes und für ein geschlossenes Modell geradezu atypisch offenes Klangbild..."

lite-magazin.de  - 22.02.2017


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