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Ultra-compact converter for on the go

NAOS is ULTRASONE’s extraordinarily compact high-quality converter and amplifier for smartphones, tablets and notebooks.
Have you ever been irritated because you were unable to experience your favourite music on your smartphone in the sound quality you wanted? With NAOS, ULTRASONE is ending this annoyance. The conversion and amplification of headphone signals will no longer be undertaken by components in smartphones and tablets, which are often very cheap, but instead by a high-quality device: NAOS. When used with award-winning ULTRASONE headphones, it gives you the excellent sound you expect, even when mobile.

Good sound really can be this compact
NAOS’s dimensions are extraordinary: 46 millimetres long, 18 millimetres wide and 6 millimetres deep – smaller than a match box! Weighing just 6 grams, NAOS is hardly noticeable. In contrast, its audio properties make it clearly noticeable, as it combines a high-quality digital to analogue converter with a headphone amplifier of the best possible quality and turns mobile music consumption into a special treat.

Hi-res in your pocket
The DAC in the NAOS allows source material to be converted up to a resolution of 192 kHz and a word width of 24 bits. In this way, not only do MP3 files and uncompressed signals in CD-quality benefit from the NAOS’s precise conversion, but high-resolution streaming services can also be played in all of their glory. The NAOS enables lossless enjoyment and studio-quality music on a smartphone.

High-performance amplification
After conversion, the now-analogue signal runs through a high-performance amplifier that is optimised for operation with a wide range of headphones. Whether a circumaural full-size model or small in-ear headphones, the NAOS will produce an optimal signal at the 3.5mm jack output. A headphone amplifier with the weight of a credit card! Of course, the NAOS can also be used with active speakers or upstream from a power amplifier, to use the high-quality converted signal as a source for speaker playback.

Connected to everything
In addition to the sound quality of its components, NAOS will also impress with its extensive connectivity. Whether mobile or stationary, NAOS works with smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers. To this end, it comes with cables for micro USB, USB C, Lightning and USB A. NAOS uses the connection not only to transfer data, but the compact DAC also draws its power using the same cable, so no additional power supply is necessary. NAOS works with iOS, Mac OS, Android (USB OTG function) and Windows (driver installation). Laptop, smartphone, desktop PC or tablet – NAOS is always a match.

Protective transport
NAOS and the corresponding cables for micro-USB, USB-A, USB-C and Lightning connections can be stored together in the elegant carrying case. This way, nothing gets lost and both the converter and accessories are always close at hand.

Ultrasone NaosUltrasone NaosUltrasone Naos
  • Compatibility: Smartphone (iOS, Android), Tablet, Notebook/Computer (Mac OS, Windows)
  • Dimensions: 46 mm x 18 mm x 6 mm
  • Audio Input: Micro USB
  • Headphone Output: 3,5 mm Stereo TRS
  • Frequency Range: 10 Hz - 30 kHz
  • Drive ability: 16 - 300 ohm
  • Sample Rate (USB Decoding): max. 192 kHz /24 bit
  • Out Power 1: > 90 mW (16 ohm / 3.3 V input voltage)
  • Out Power 2: > 200 mW (16 ohm / 5 V input voltage)
  • Out Power 3: > 40 mW (32 ohm / 3.3 V input voltage)
  • Out Power 4: > 100 mW (32 ohm / 5 V input voltage)
  • THD+N: < 0.01% (1 kHz)
  • Output Impredance: 0.73 ohm
  • SNR: 110 dB (3.3 V input voltage)
  • Status LED: Green
  • Max. Output Voltage: 2.6 Vp-p
  • Max. Output Current: 52.7mA (16 ohm/ 1 kHz)
  • DAC Chip: AKM AK4430
  • weight: 6 g

*On some rare occasions OTG capable Android phones may not work with NAOS. This is due to the individual software programming of each Mobile phone manufacturer. This might happen to Android phones first time introduced by end of 2015 or earlier. One solution for this issue  might  be loading a 3rd party Player (e.g. USB audio……..) this might help to run music on the NAOS.

  • Included adapter cables: Micro-USB, Lightning, USB (Typ A), USB-C
  • Travel kit

Here you could download the suitable NAOS driver for Windows PCs (only necessary for Windows 7 PCs) : https://goo.gl/bzWHh4

*On some rare occasions OTG capable Android phones may not work with NAOS. This is due to the individual software programming of each Mobile phone manufacturer. This might happen to Android phones first time introduced by end of 2015 or earlier. One solution for this issue  might  be loading a 3rd party Player (e.g. USB audio……..) this might help to run music on the NAOS.

"A well-made product in every respect, which you immediately want to have right away once you`ve used it."

Stereoplay.de - December 2017

"For 169 EUR you get „acoustic dope“, completely legal and over the counter, from Upper Bavaria. The ultra-compact Ultrasone Naos 24-Bit/192 kHz-DAC  has a form of a USB stick and impresses by the numerous application possibilities."

Area DVD - January 08th, 2018


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The Performance series goes wireless

SIRIUS combines the excellent sound quality of the ULTRASONE Performance series with the wireless convenience and flawless sound transmission of aptX® Bluetooth.

Sound, unleashed
Our Performance series enjoys an excellent reputation in the headphones market. The desire for a wireless model led us to an innovative new development: SIRIUS. Instead of enhancing the Performance series with just one new model with Bluetooth technology, we have developed a module that turns every set of headphones in the Performance series into Bluetooth headphones. Simple remove the cable from your Performance – and attach the SIRIUS instead. And just like that, you can enjoy your music via Bluetooth aptX® with full freedom of movement.

Perfectly matched
SIRIUS is designed to fit Performance series headphones exactly. Its strongly curved shape follows the design of the headphones and thus clings precisely to their housing. You won’t be able to tell that a SIRIUS module is docked onto the headphones. One of the reasons it is so inconspicuous is its extremely low weight: SIRIUS weighs just 12 grams – so Performance headphones remain as comfortable to wear as ever.

Wireless with optimum sound
The Performance series’ sound quality is undisputed. High-quality drivers and S-Logic® technology ensure perfect sound transmission. SIRIUS makes no compromises, and uses the aptX® Bluetooth codec for highest quality, lossless audio streaming. Every model in the Performance series can be converted into a set of premium Bluetooth headphones using SIRIUS – but it is still possible to switch back to wired transmission at any time, for example for use with devices that are not Bluetooth enabled.

Perfectly amplified
In addition to its function as a Bluetooth receiver, SIRIUS also integrates a headphone amplifier into its compact housing. This not only ensures that Performance headphones always have enough power; the specially adapted amplifier also provides the drivers with the perfect signal for an exciting musical experience.

Music headphones and headset
SIRIUS has three buttons for operations. Two of them are for adjusting volume, while the third button can be used to play and pause playback. The integrated microphone even enables use of Performance headphones as a headset for making calls with a smartphone or tablet, or for wireless communication when gaming. Thanks to the high-performance battery, SIRIUS can be operated continuously for up to 12 hours.

Ultrasone SiriusUltrasone SiriusUltrasone Sirius
  • Compatibility: Ultrasone Performance 820, 840, 860, 880
  • Technology: Bluetooth 4.1, aptX®
  • Bluetooth Profile: HFP, A2DP, HSP, AVRCP
  • Battery lifetime: 8 to 12 hours
  • Standby: 160 hours
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Max. Bluetooth transmission distance: 20 m
  • Buttons: Play/Pause, Volume
  • Weight: 12 g

The Declaration of Conformity in our download area.

  • USB charging cable

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