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How does the Trade In Program work?



    1. Fill in the contact form.
    2. Our team will send you a free parcel label, so you can send in your headphones
    3. When the headphones arrived and we were able to test their functionality, you will receive a coupon code for the selected product category.
    4. You order your headphones and pay 20% less!*


*General information and conditions of participation

The promotion period for the ULTRASONE Headphone Trade-In Program runs from August 1 through September 30, 2019. All manufacturer-independent on- and over-ear headphones are eligible to participate. After a successful functional check of the handset, participating customers will receive a voucher code over 20% on the entire range (excluding accessories) of the ULTRASONE webshop. The maximum price reduction is 100.00 Euro. This online program is only available in EU.

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