“I am proud to see how ULTRASONE masters it again and again to manufacture the best possible products with the highest standards of quality and to pay attention to the climate and nature for our next generations!”

Michael Willberg

Our responsibility

ULTRASONE always had a close look at the long term qualities of its products. 
Our Luxury models and the high-end Signature series are manufactured in Germany. The suppliers for the edition models are located mostly in or around Germany and most of them already work on a sustainable base. The materials we use are renewable (wood, leather), recycled (Packaging parts) and made out of high-quality raw materials. Of course, any kind of service or repair can be applied to the products. 
Of course, this way of developing and manufacturing products is more expensive and leads to higher prices. But we at ULTRASONE rather sell fewer products than selling wrong products. 
We are carbon-neutral at the locations in Germany, having the entire carpool switched over to electric cars, powered with solar power and batteries from the own location. Reduction of paper waste, modern infrastructure and less waste in the production process are ongoing improvements. 
But the most important one is: We manufacture quality products. 
If you buy, go for quality– in all sectors. This supports the change to a better world.


For over 30 years we have been working with artists from the music industry to always recognize and exceed the needs of our customers.


Day by day we create new acoustic masterpieces. We combine exclusive materials, high precision and, last but not least, a lot of passion and attention to detail by hand.

Engineered in Germany

All of our products are developed by and with engineers in Germany.
We value traditional craftsmanship and work closely with our local partners.


We don’t just relate sustainability to climate and nature. For over 30 years we have been offering our employees a sustainable, family-friendly workplace based on the “bavarian way of life”.

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“The in-ear headphones ULTRASONE Tio convinced us in the sound and practical test
thanks to excellent workmanship and a generous scope of delivery
– a confidently recommended in-ear model for every lover of mobile music enjoyment. “


mobilefidelity-magazin.de about ULTRASONE Tio

“The Ultrasone Edition 15 Veritas are definitely first-class headphones.
It offers elaborate technology, great workmanship, perfect fit, and, above all, a really phenomenal sound. “


EarIn 03/2020 about ULTRASONE Edition 15 Veritas

“With the new in-ear sapphire, Ultrasone ends up in the middle of the group of current world’s best in-ears and asserts its place with a neutral sound, beautiful dynamics, and, above all, a wonderful resolution.”


EarIn 04/2019 about ULTRASONE Saphire

“The Panther brought new pressure to the way of playing and significantly more information. The concept is strong, the implementation noble and the price reasonable.”


Stereoplay 08/2019 about ULTRASONE Panther

“The Ultrasone Panther looks inconspicuous and brings amazing things. The built-in DAC is also great, sounds neutral, lively and extracts a maximum of details from the data.”


EarIn 04/2019 about ULTRASONE Panther

“A dream come true: As is tradition for the Edition models, Ultrasone also produces the Edition Eleven by hand at the Gut Raucherberg headquarters. You can tell that from the first moment on the noble upper-class listener. “


SFT 05/2019 about ULTRASONE Edition eleven

“The Ultrasone Performance 880 are good headphones that are suitable for pure listening to music, as a companion for mobile music production or for recordings in the studio (…) The very good spatial representation, the large scope of delivery and the good processing quality should be positively emphasized.”


amazona.de about ULTRASONE Performance 880

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“Unique technology, amazingly precise and powerful bass”

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82407 Wielenbach

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