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Once a Tio – always Tio

A linear, natural and distortion-free music reproduction ensures the Ultrasone Tio in-ear. This high-quality in-ear is equipped with a professional micro driver, the so-called balanced armature. Its wide range of sound is underlined through the premium-quality aluminum housing.

The Ultrasone in-ear Tio makes a lot of fun in the mobile use and has an outstanding insulation against background noise thanks to the comfortable Comply-foam earbud tips (TX-100). Music and phone calls are easy to use – the undetachable 1.2 m straight cable comes with microphone and remote control.

You will receive 5 pairs silicone, 2 pairs high-quality Comply foam earbud tips, 1 flight adapter and one OMTP adapter. A space-saving transport box for a safe storage is included as standard.

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(@1 kHz, 1mW): 103 dB, @1 kHz, 0.1V): 101 dB, Maximum SPL: 117 dB

6,5 mm

19 Hz – 21.000 Hz

18 Ohm

2 pairs ComplyFoam™ T-100 (M/L), 5 pairs silicon earbud tips (S/M/L/M long/L long)

undetachable 1.2 m straight cable with microphone and remote control, angled 3.5 mm plug

5 g

flight adapter, OMTP

Closable box


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