ULTRASONE Signature Studio



Signature STUDIO – the mobile studio headphone

At the heart of the Signature STUDIO are titanium-coated 40-millimetre Mylar sound transducers. These drivers provide a frequency range of 8 to 40000 Hz – a far broader range than that of human hearing. The titanium coating, one of the hardest materials in the world, guarantees high-resolution and precise reproduction of the audio signal. Patented ULTRASONE S-Logic® Plus technology brings two essential benefits to the headphones: One is the wide stereo panorama which, combined with excellent depth gradation, gives the user the impression that they are listening through high-quality studio monitors rather than a pair of headphones. Thanks to S-Logic®, 3 to 4 dB less sound pressure is required to achieve the same perceived volume. This allows you to enjoy long hours of listening without signs of fatigue while at the same time protecting your hearing.

The acoustic properties of Ultrasone’s Signature STUDIO headphones are also reflected in their design, which is characterised by its professional elegance. They have been kept deliberately uncomplicated and robust and, thanks to the practical PRO design, they stand up to demanding everyday situations, whether in the studio or on the move. The headband and ear cups are made from the same robust plastic that was also used in the PRO series, where it has already proven its long-lasting durability. Similarly, reliability and durability were also considered when selecting the material for the head and ear pads. The comfortable cushioning and the low weight of just 290 grams mean that the Signature STUDIO headphones are pleasant to wear for long periods of time. When this is combined with the advantages of S-Logic® technology, audio reproduction can be assessed fatigue-free for hours on end. This is also aided by the fact that the headphones adjust automatically to fit the shape of your head. Breathable materials also prevent the unpleasant build up of sweat, so that you can fully concentrate on the most important thing: the music.

Additional information


S-Logic® Plus technolgy


ULE technology




98 dB





Treiber Größe

40 mm


8 Hz – 40.000 Hz


32 Ohm


leatherette ear pads


detachable approx. 1.2 m straight cable with 3.5 mm and gold-plated plug; Bayonet-connection to headphone, detachable approx. 3 m straight cable with 6.3 mm and gold-plated plug; Bayonet-connection to headphone

Gewicht (ohne Kabel)

290 g


gold-plated 3.5 mm jack plug


hard-sided carrying case with zipper


5 years