The Signature DJ gets your heart beating behind the turntables

This dynamic closed DJ headphone is equipped with our patented S-Logic® Plus technology, which makes more natural surround sound possible. An extremely powerful sound speaker awaits you, which reproduces your beats distortion-free also at high volume.

The Signature DJ is a high-resolution DJ headphone, especially made for mixing and mastering, and therefor it is an indispensable tool for professional Djs. Designed for the mobile use and various music genres, this headphone convinces with its agile bass. Regardless of whether you prefer Vinyl, MP3 or high-res CDs: the Signature DJ guarantees an impressive three-dimensional sound reproduction.

With the comfortable leather ear pads the external noise is insulated and you can wear the headphones for many hours. Moreover the integrated ULE (ultra low technology) Technology ensures long and stress-free working behind the turntables.

Eye-catcher of the Signature DJ are the name plates made of hardened glass with reflecting logo. The Premium-DJ-headphone is handmade in Germany with its own serial number.