ULTRASONE Saphire in-ear headphones: the in-ear reference, handmade in Bavaria


We love music – and a challenge: When developing the Saphire, we adhered to the same standards concerning unadulterated sonic fidelity established with our headband models from the manufacture. The Saphire accumulates our years of expertise in designing outstanding headphones, realizing the unique signature sound of ULTRASONE in compact in-ear form. With six drivers per side, the Saphire offers an unmatched in-ear experience, defining the benchmark in its category. It is manufactured by hand exclusively in our workshop at Gut Raucherberg in Bavaria, Germany.


No compromise

Many manufacturers try to counterbalance the defects in detail and resolution when using individual dynamic drivers by employing one or two additional balanced armature drivers (BA). At ULTRASONE, we decided to take an entirely different approach: by combining six BA and electrostatic drivers across four ways, the Saphire achieves a uniquely detailed sonic image across the whole frequency spectrum. Deep, concise basses through two BA drivers in the low frequencies, fine mids and highs with one BA driver for each the mid and high spectrum, and two electrostatic drivers highlighting super-high frequencies: there is no compromise when it comes to sound with the Saphire.


Creed of quality

Here at ULTRASONE we are proud of our Bavarian manufacture. From first drafts to final assembly: the Saphire is completely designed and built in the manufacture. The elegant housing made from massive aluminium is flanked by chrome emblems bearing the ULTRASONE logo. We believe in the durability of our products, which is why we grant 5 of years warranty for the Saphire. It comes with high-quality cables for both balanced and unbalanced operation with gold-plated 2-pin jacks. With a number of silicone ear pieces and high-quality Comply™ Foam tips, the Saphire can be adjusted to personal preferences. For cleaning and transport, the scope of delivery encompasses a microfibre cloth, a cleaning tool and a sturdy case.

Additional information


6 driver 4 way hybrid technology


4 Balanced Armature Drivers and Electrostatic Dual Tweeter


10 Hz – 50000 Hz


25 Ohm


106 dB


3 pairs Comply™ Tx-500 foam ear tips (S/M/L), 3 pairs SpinFit CP145 silicone ear tips (S/M/L)


1.2 m balanced cable with gold plated 2.5mm 4pol plug, 1.2 m with gold plated 3.5mm stereo plug, Detachable cables with gold plated 2-pin connectors


Stylish zipper case for storage and transport

Sonstiges Zubehör

Cleaning tool

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