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ULTRASONE Saphire in-ear headphones: The reference on the in-ear market, handmade in Bavaria.

We love music – and challenges: When developing the Sapphire, the same requirements for unbroken sound fidelity applied as for the bracket models from our manufacture. The Saphire therefore combines our combined experience in developing exquisite headphones and realizes ULTRASONE’s unique sound signature in a compact in-ear format. With a total of six drivers per side, the Saphire offers an unprecedented in-ear experience and is the absolute benchmark in its category. The Sapphire is exclusively handmade in our manufactory at Gut Raucherberg in Bavaria.


No compromises

Many manufacturers try to circumvent the compromises of single dynamic drivers in detail reproduction and resolution by combining them with one or two additional Balanced Armature (BA) drivers. We at ULTRASONE have chosen a completely different path: By combining a total of six BA and electrostatic drivers, distributed over four paths, the Saphire achieves a uniquely detailed sound image across the entire frequency spectrum. Deep and at the same time precise basses through two BA drivers in the woofer, finely resolved mids and highs through one BA driver each for midrange and tweeter and as a special highlight two electrostatic drivers as super tweeters: The Saphire makes no compromises in sound.


Quality by conviction

We at ULTRASONE are proud of our manufatury craftmanship in Bavaria. From the first sketch to the final production: The Sapphire is an exclusive manufacture product. The elegant case is made of solid aluminum and flanked by chrome-plated stainless steel logo emblems. Because we are convinced of the longevity of our products, we provide a 5-year warranty on the Sapphire. Equally strong is the equipment of high-quality cables for balanced and unbalanced operation with gold-plated 2-pin connectors. With various silicone ear tips and high-quality Comply™ Foam Tips, the Saphire can be adapted to individual wearing habits. A microfiber cloth, a cleaning tool and a sturdy case are also included for cleaning and transport.




“Ultrasone lands the new Saphire in-ear right in the middle of the group of the world’s current best in-ears and maintains its place with neutral sound, beautiful dynamics and, above all, a wonderful resolving power.”

EarIn 04/2019 about ULTRASONE Saphire

“Fat bass, lots of dynamics, smooth treble”. about ULTRASONE Saphire

“The ULTRASONE high-end SAPHIRE in-ear headphones romp at the top of what is currently feasible for a mobile headphone” about ULTRASONE Saphire

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