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A success story continues

Based on the success of the PRO 550i, we have created another entry-level headphone into the world of professional audio production with the Pro 750i.

The special features of the closed headphones include the titanium-coated drivers, which impress with their enormous hardness, resilience and durability. In combination with the neodymium magnets, the two 40-millimetre drivers respond particularly quickly and thus remain as faithful to the sound as possible in all frequencies. With a characteristic sound pressure of 94 decibels (dB), the frequency response of the PRO 750i is 8 hertz to 35 kilohertz.

As usual with our headphones, this model also uses S-Logic technology, in which the drivers are arranged slightly offset in the ear cup and provide more spatiality and depth by means of reflections. At the same time, the sound pressure level is reduced by up to 4 dB, resulting in less ear strain.
The Pro 750i is extremely comfortable to wear for long recording sessions thanks to the wide shape of the headband. The headband is made of vegan leather, the ear pads of velour.
Accessories include a 3-metre coiled cable with a 6.3-mm jack plug and an 80-centimetre cable with a 3.5-mm connector. Both are in the “Pro Box” transport case together with the headphones and a second pair of ear pads.

“Titanium-coated Mylar transducers, a superior sound spectrum and patented technologies such as S-Logic® Plus guarantee precise sound reproduction for professional sound creators and discerning music lovers alike.” about ULTRASONE PRO 750i

The innovative S-Logic® technology incorporates the auricle into the sound image through specially developed earpiece geometry. This creates a unique listening experience, just like in a recording studio, which is also easy on the ear.

Dynamic drivers generate electromagnetic radiation during operation. Ultra Low Emission Technology was developed to reduce these.

Your entry into audio production

Whether in a recording studio in one of the big cities or in your own audio booth at home. The PRO 750i feels at home in both places and delivers the best results.

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