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Ultrasone Pro 750i

  • The PRO 750i is at the forefront of exclusivity and tonal fineness in the entire PRO Series due to the titanium coated transducer.
  • DThe headphone is equipped with the S-Logic Plus technology for particularly high sound naturalness.
  • DThe Mylar / Titan transducers provide responsive, accurate and crystal clear sound reproduction.
  • Specially designed velvet ear pads round off the listening pleasure with comfort for the ear and maximum isolation from the outside with this closed headphones.
  • The new and wider headband design ensures even more comfortable wearing for hours.
  • Enjoy limitless sound performance and trust in your ears.

Additional information

S-Logic® Plus technolgy


8 – 35000 Hz

40 Ohm

94 dB

ULE technology


40 mm

295 g

removable approx. 0.8m straight cable with 3.5mm jack plug, removable approx. ca.3m spiral with 6.3mm jack plug


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