Open, circumaural studio reference headphones with patented S-Logic® Plus technology that delivers transparent, analytical sound for mixing and mastering.

With the ULTRASONE PRO 1480i, we are expanding our portfolio to include open studio headphones. This addition perfectly complements our existing line-up of closed models for professional use. Thanks to an open construction, these dynamic over-ear headphones deliver a particularly airy, crystal clear sound. The transparent and neutral sound reproduction makes them perfect for demanding mixing and mastering tasks in which music has to be assessed analytically.

High-quality 40mm Mylar transducers and light yet powerful neodymium magnets ensure detailed sound. The extremely balanced frequency range, from 20 to 20,000 Hz, covers the entire range of human hearing. So not one subtle nuance is lost in professional applications. The PRO 1480i makes use of patented S-Logic® Plus technology, which creates an incomparably spatial effect thanks to decentrally positioned sound transducers. When combined with the open construction of the headphones, a broad sound stage is created that is perfect for precisely analysing audio signals.

Another advantage of S-Logic® Plus technology is the higher perceived volume: significantly lower sound pressure achieves the same listening experience. This protects your hearing, especially when using frequently and for long periods. Thus long hours of fatigue-free listening are possible. The combination of S-Logic® Plus technology and the open construction works wonders: these headphones are light and easy fitting, and open ear cups allow air to the ears. This guarantees maximum comfort, no matter how long the session.

Sound engineers and musicians have a wide range of requirements for professional audio equipment in general and professional headphones in particular: they not only have to sound good and fit comfortably; they also have to be robust to master the challenges of demanding days in the studio. That’s why our ULTRASONE PRO 1480i open reference headphones have an especially solid design – guaranteeing long years of analytically precise listening. The soft velour ear cushions can easily be replaced if signs of wear and tear begin to appear after years of use. The three-meter-long coiled cable is also detachable and can be changed when a shorter cable is needed, for example.

These circumaural headphones are musical allrounders that are just as suitable for classical and jazz as for rock and pop. That’s why the ULTRASONE PRO 1480i is the perfect listening tool for anyone seeking professional studio headphones with open construction as a reference for mixing and mastering.