Performance 880 – Studio and HiFi headphone

The Performance 880 is an audiophile headphone for mixing , which shows its own creativity across the whole tonal spectrum.  The Performance 880 is also perfect for everyone who doesn’t want to deny themselves excellent sound while going about their favourite pastimes – from gaming to watching TV.

The centrepiece of these closed headphones is a titanium-coated sound transducer with a diameter of 40 millimetres. Thanks to these hardened speakers, music and voices can be reproduced with high precision. The clear treble projects every nuance of the music, while the bass frequency range impressively projects drums and effects without allowing them to dominate. Despite the closed design principle, the Performance 880 reproduces an airy sound, just as would be expected from open headphones. In this way they combine the advantages of the shielding on a closed model with an “open” sound pattern, which spans the entire frequency range of human hearing.


Application areas of Performance 880:

Studio, Mixing, Mastering, Studio Equipment, Gaming, TV, Classics, Orchestra, Vocals, Audio books, for Smartphone and Tablets, perfect for phone conferences via Skype or FaceTime