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Great sound really can be this small: Digital-to-analogue converter and headphone amplifier for the highest demands in an ultra-compact format

Treat your ears to the sound of a high-quality converter – even when on the go! NAOS is as small as a match box and as light as a credit card, but its ultra-compact housing contains a high-quality DAC and headphone amplifier. Bypass the internal converter and amplifier in your smartphone, tablet or computer and enjoy music as it should be!

With a resolution of 24 bits and 192 kHz, NAOS converts audio signals from sources via micro USB, USB-C, Lightning or USB-A – and comes with the right cable for each format. As small as a jack adapter – but with the great sound of a top converter and a full-size headphone amplifier.

NAOS works with iOS, Mac OS, Android (USB OTG function) and Windows (driver installation). Laptop, smartphone, desktop PC or tablet – NAOS is always a match.

The centrepiece of these closed headphones is a titanium-coated sound transducer with a diameter of 40 millimetres. Thanks to these hardened speakers, music and voices can be reproduced with high precision. The clear treble projects every nuance of the music, while the bass frequency range impressively projects drums and effects without allowing them to dominate. Despite the closed design principle, the Performance 880 reproduces an airy sound, just as would be expected from open headphones. In this way they combine the advantages of the shielding on a closed model with an “open” sound pattern, which spans the entire frequency range of human hearing.


*On some rare occasions OTG capable Android phones may not work with NAOS. This is due to the individual software programming of each Mobile phone manufacturer.

This might happen to Android phones first time introduced by end of 2015 or earlier.

One solution for this issue  might  be loading a 3rd party Player (e.g. USB audio……..) this might help to run music on the NAOS.

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24Bit / 192 kHz


10 Hz – 30.000 Hz

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6 g


Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-A, USB-C


Neoprene case


46 mm x 18 mm x 6 mm


Smartphones (iOS, Android), Tablet, Notebook/Computer (Mac OS, Windows)


3,5 mm Mini-Jack


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