The HFI 15G is a very lightweight and high-quality pair of small on-ear headphones with a 3-dimensional sound character.

This is the smallest headphone of the ULTRASONE product lines, convincing with its pure and spacious sound. It is a lightweight open  headphones with a airy and spacious sound character. Perfect for watching movies and TV films.

The HFI 15G is therefore frequently used as a hearing aid while watching television. Like all ULTRASONE headphones, the HFI 15G headphones has the S-Logic technology included. Here you find the S-Logic Basic technology, which ensures the surround sound while listening your favorite music or watching you fave movie. This dynamic open on-ear headphone is equipped with a 1 m straight cable. Moreover you will get a 4 m extension cable for long distances between the television and your cozy sofa.