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You find a hand-picked and though selection of materials: a smooth spring steel headband fits almost every head. High-glossy and PVD coated ear cups ensure both resilience and exclusivity at the same time. Noise insulation is offered by the use of sheep leather ear pads.
For everyone who is looking for a sound experience on train, plane or any other type of journey you are on the right place with this on-ear headphone. The Edition M BLACK PEARL presents its full audiophile potential in combination with high-resolution players, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. As result of the integrated patented S-Logic® Plus technology your favorite music sounds more spatial. A strong bass and clear trebles are guaranteed. The mobile luxury headphone includes our mu-metal shielding, to minimize the low-frequency radiation.

„“The Ultrasone Edition M is made for all those who expect great hi-fi sound but don’t necessarily want to listen to the big stereo system.”


modernhifi.de about the ULTRASONE Edition M

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