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Be musically mobile with the Edition M BLACK PEARL – handcrafted headphones from Ultrasone.

Here you will find hand-picked and robust materials: a supple spring steel frame that adapts to any head shape. High-gloss and PVD-coated ear capsules promise resistance and exclusivity at the same time. Soft leather ear pads are used to isolate external noise.

If you are looking for a sound experience on train, plane or other journeys, these on-ear headphones are just what you need. The Edition M BLACK PEARL presents its full potential in combination with high-resolution players, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the integrated patented S-Logic® Plus technology, your favourite music is reproduced spatially. A powerful bass and present mids are guaranteed here. The luxury mobile headphones feature MU metal shielding to reduce low-frequency magnetic radiation.

“The Ultrasone Edition M is made for those who expect great hi-fi sound but don’t necessarily want to listen on the big stereo.”


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