Over ear High End headphones with the patented S-LogicEX® Technology.

This is a manufactory product.
Manufactory products are manufactured by order.
Please note that a large order volume may lead to a waiting period.
In this case you will be notified by us.

Furthermore, manufactory products can be customized. Please contact info@ultrasone.com for more information.

Additional information

S-LogicEX® technolgy

ULE technology


96 dB



40 mm

5 Hz – 46.000 Hz

38 Ohm

sheep skin ear pads; Fixing by magnetic

detachable approx. 1.2 m Premium cable, 4-core with LEMO-push-pull-connection to headphone;, detachable approx. 3 m Premium cable, 4-core with LEMO-push-pull-connection to headphone; gold-plated 3.5 mm jack plug

330 g

gold-plated 3.5 mm jack plug

High-quality aluminium case

5 years


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Classic and modern music find its master here – the high resolution headphone

The audiophiles find with the Edition 8 EX what the heart desires: cutting-edge technology with outstanding resolution, marvelous precision and defined basses. Thanks of the funnel-shaped structure of S-LogicEX® the transducer is further away from the ear and results these sound effects. This arrangement gives this timeless designed masterpiece of handcrafted workmanship the futuristic-looking shape of the ear cups.

The exquisite selection of materials, like the strong chrome-plated, PVD coated ear cups, ceramic inlays and hand-sewn leather ear pads guarantees a lifelong musical entertainment.

Moreover the Edition 8 EX is equipped with a detachable premium 4-core cable, with LEMO connectors. With the LEMO connectors the days of loosing cables are counted. On the basis of their self-closing mechanism, cable`s grip on the headphone is very solid – by the way an unbeatable argument for the mobile usability of this extraordinary headphone.