Edition 8 EX


High-end, circumaural headphones with patented S-LogicEX® technology

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Classical and modern music find their master here – the High Resolution Headphones

Mit der Edition 8 EX finden Sie alles was Ihr Herz begehrt: Spitzentechnologie mit herausragender Auflösung, klarer Präzision und definierten Bässen. Thanks to the funnel-shaped structure of S-LogicEX®, the sound transducer is further away from the ear, resulting in this impressive sound effect. Based on this transducer arrangement, the capsule design was handcrafted into a timeless, futuristic-looking shape.

With its soft, circumaural ear pads made from the leather of the Ethiopian longhair sheep, ambient noise can be significantly minimised. Exquisite choice of materials such as chrome-plated, PVD-coated ear capsules and ceramic inlays stand for durability and masculine elegance.

In addition, the Edition 8 EX is equipped with two detachable premium cables, which can be easily and securely attached to the headphones with LEMO push-pull connectors.

“The Ultrasone Edition 8 EX is one of the best mobile headphones currently available.”


modernhifi.de about ULTRASONE Edition 8 EX

“Worthy successor to the legendary Edition 8 with impressive acoustic capabilities and innovative new features”.


areadvd.de about ULTRASONE Edition 8 EX

“High end for the ear, style for the eye”.


lite-magazin.de about ULTRASONE Edition 8 EX

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