ULTRASONE Edition 8 Classic


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With its elegant black and silver design the Edition 8 Classic is a real-eye catcher. The ruthenium-coated ear cups ensure extreme durability during your musical enjoyment. The icing on the cake are the brushed aluminum inlays. A high-end headphone with a clear sound character and high fidelity of sound makes hearts beat faster. The bass of Edition 8 Classic is soft, the stereo-effects are clearly reproduced. With our S-Logic® Plus technology the natural surround sound is foregrounded. Therefore instruments and vocals are easily to hear and your favorite music gets a fine resolution. The wearing comfort is given by high-premium leather ear pads and leather headband. Moreover the ear-enclosing, soft ear pads are responsible for the insulation of external noise. Several listening hours are guaranteed. Of course our Edition 8 Classic headphone has also the MU-metal-shielding included to reduce the electromagnetic radiation.

“The Edition 8 Ruthenium are headphones of the highest processing quality.”


kopfhoerer.de about the Ultrasone Edition 8

“Edition 8 undoubtedly belongs to the Champions League of hearing devices.”


FAZ 15.06.2010 (German Newspaper) about the Ultrasone Edition 8

“With the Edition 8, Ultrasone has created very high-quality closed headphones that are also suitable for mobile devices. In terms of sound, it inspires with its exuberant richness of detail and its direct address.”


Stereoplay 8/2009about the Ultrasone Edition 8

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