Signature Master


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The precise listening reference

The Signature Master was designed as the ultimate monitoring reference for recording studios with the highest demands. With its 40-millimetre titanium-mylar diaphragm, it delivers a similar sound fidelity as the well-known reference headphones of the Edition series.

“The new S-Logic 3 is convincing, the improvements were clearly audible with the Signature Master. Ultrasone once again impressively demonstrates that the headphones from Bavaria are not only at home in the professional studio sector, but also spoil the discerning music lover.”

Test rating: outstanding


Audio 2021/09 aboutSignature Master

The innovative S-Logic® technology incorporates the auricle into the sound image through specially developed earpiece geometry. This creates a unique listening experience, just like in a recording studio, which is also easy on the ear.

Dynamic drivers generate electromagnetic radiation during operation. Ultra Low Emission Technology was developed to reduce these.

Undisturbed work

With our passive noise cancellation, the Signature Master offers the best conditions for hours of concentrated work.

Selected materials

The enclosed housing is made of extremely resistant plastic, which can withstand even the toughest studio use without any problems.
Genuine merino leather ensures comfort at the highest level.

Tools with style

The Signature Master’s genuine gold-plated nameplate identifies its owner as a true audiophile gourmet with a sense of lasting value.

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