Replacement cable for NAOS


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Replacement cable for Digital-Analog-Converter NAOS

The ULTRASONE NAOS amplifier is with its four different connection cable very versatile. If you would like to replace one of the cables, here you could choose the appropriate cable. Please have a look at your devices to choose the perfect match.

The cables each have a length of about 7 cm and are black coloured. Moreover eacht connection cable has on one side a Micro-USB-connector to plug it into the DAC. For your device you have to check the connection first, then you can decide between four differetion options: Micro-USB, USB-A, USB-C or Lightning.


*On some rare occasions OTG capable Android phones may not work with NAOS. This is due to the individual software programming of each Mobile phone manufacturer. This might happen to Android phones first time introduced by end of 2015 or earlier. One solution for this issue  might  be loading a 3rd party Player (e.g. USB audio……..) this might help to run music on the NAOS.

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Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-A, USB-C