Wielenbach, 25 September 2018 – ULTRASONE introduces the PRO 1480i open headphones for professional use. Thanks to its distortion-free frequency range and the remarkable spatial quality provided by S-Logic® Plus technology, the new model is particularly suitable for mixing and mastering in the studio. The soft velour ear cushions and the open principle allow for a comfortable fit, even during longer sessions. Its high-quality craftsmanship means the PRO 1480i will accompany you in the studio for years to come.

Open ear meets premium quality
ULTRASONE is expanding the PROi series with the addition of the PRO 1480i open model for use in the recording studio. The new arrival offers a remarkably clear, airy sound thanks to its dynamic, open construction. The S-Logic® Plus technology’s decentralised driver arrangement provides astonishing spatiality and depth graduation. S-Logic® Plus requires significantly less sound pressure for the same perceived volume, which protects the ears and allows for long, fatigue-free listening sessions. The wear comfort is additionally supported by the open construction: the ear cups allow air to circulate to the ear and sit comfortably on the head, even over longer periods. The soft velour ear cushions can be easily changed at will.

Exact sound reproduction for studio use
The PRO 1480i contains a 40mm Mylar sound transducer. With this driver, the headphones achieve the transparency and precision that are essential for analytical playback in a professional environment. The clear and faithful production of the entire human hearing range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz leaves nothing to be desired and always remains neutral and authentic. This makes the PRO 1480i perfect for mixing and mastering any genre: because it is not acoustically optimised to a specific tonal pattern, it is equally suited to all styles of music, from classical to pop.

Durable thanks to high-quality craftsmanship
Equipment for professional audio use must be durable and robust. Musicians and sound engineers want to be able to rely on their equipment, and especially on the way they can listen to music, for years and years. ULTRASONE therefore placed special emphasis not only on sound but also on the durability of the headphones when developing the PRO 1480i. This way, audio professionals can enjoy the excellent sound of their reference headphones for a long time to come. The ear cushions can be easily changed if signs of wear and tear begin to appear after years of use. The cable can also be changed without any difficulty, for example to replace the 3m coiled cable provided with the headphones with one of the other cables on offer

Open reference headphones for mixing and mastering
From its durable construction and excellent wear comfort to its precise sound reproduction, the ULTRASONE PRO 1480i offers audio professionals everything they expect from a studio tool. Thanks to its precise and nuanced sound balance with linear frequency response and S-Logic®-Plus-supported depth graduation, the PRO 1480i reference headphones are ideally suited for mixing and mastering and, of course, for the discerning musician.

The ULTRASONE PRO 1480i is now available.