Wielenbach, 05. October 2017 – The ULTRASONE PRO 780i continues the legacy of the legendary HFI 780, inheriting its predecessor’s good qualities: the outstanding balanced sound with powerful bass notes and clear trebles, the closed ear cup principle and the patented S-Logic® Plus technology. But in terms of comfort, ULTRASONE has made the PRO 780i even more of a joy to wear by incorporating interchangeable ear pads.

The next generation of a legend
The ULTRASONE PRO 780i is taking over from the extremely popular HFI 780, so it is following in some very big footsteps. The HFI 780 won over many users with its balanced soundscape, which reproduced in an incredibly faithful way. These same characteristics have been carried over to the PRO 780i, which remains loyal to its exemplary predecessor. The 40 mm drivers with gold membranes produce a crisp, present bass while still delivering clear, fresh trebles. The PRO 780i thus offers the kind of sound quality that would normally be associated with open-back headphones – but with closed-back ear cups to ensure ultimate shielding from background noise.

Comfort for professionals
Those who use headphones in professional life often wear them for hours on end, so they attach a great deal of importance to a high degree of comfort. A significant improvement is the use of interchangeable ear cushions. In a few simple steps, users can switch between imitation leather and velour, depending upon the feel they favour.

S-Logic® Plus for a clear spatial quality
The ULTRASONE PRO 780i uses S-Logic® Plus technology to reproduce the music in a remarkably three-dimensional way. S-Logic® Plus features a special decentralised arrangement of the transducers in the ear cups to achieve an extremely vivid spatial quality. The listening experience actually feels more like listening to a pair of high-quality speakers than on traditional headphones. Stereo imaging and depth graduation are improved, individual signals can be more clearly located and the overall impact is more natural. S-Logic® Plus means considerably less sound pressure is required in order to achieve the same perceived volume. Lowering the sound pressure means the ears are protected and listener fatigue is reduced, which means long periods of concentrated work are no problem at all.

A master of all frequencies
Whether for professional or private use: headphones must always be able to reproduce the entire range of human hearing. And the ULTRASONE PRO 780i goes even further than that, transmitting frequencies from 10 Hz in the infrasound range through to ultrasound at 26 kHz. The full range of human hearing from 20 to 20,000 Hz is thus completely covered and the technology ensures that all the audio information is transmitted. With all these features, the PRO 780i is suitable for music production, as well as for home cinema use and video games.