Wielenbach, 21. September 2017 – The new ULTRASONE PRO 580i continues the legacy of the popular HFI 580 and has refined its recipe for success: the tonal balance gives the headphones a deep bass foundation. Patented S-Logic® Plus technology produces an extraordinary spatial soundscape, while the closed-back design provides effective insulation against disruptive background noise. With the ULTRASONE PRO 580i, you simply get more from your headphones.

More bass power
The PRO 580i delivers a sound that features tight, powerful bass reproduction. It is the clear successor of the popular HFI 580, which was also a bass specialist. The PRO 580i is therefore the perfect choice for any musical genre that favours very low
frequencies. The PRO 580i delivers the perfect bass boost for everything from club, dance and EDM production to all kinds of electronic music, through to dancehall, rap and massive hip hop beats. The headphones cover a range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz, a whole octave lower than the lowest note that can be heard by the human ear. With their large 50 mm sound transducers, the PRO 580i headphones also work extremely well with high input power, making them suitable for musicians who need sound reproduction to be clear and distortion-free even in loud environments.

More comfort
The ULTRASONE PRO 580i delivers a level of comfort that meets professional requirements. Interchangeable ear cushions provide special comfort to suit your needs and come in two different materials. So you can decide whether you prefer the cool elegance of black artificial leather or the velvety snug feel of silver velour.

More spatial sound with S-Logic® Plus
The ULTRASONE PRO 580i is equipped with patented S-Logic® Plus technology. This special technical feature achieves an outstanding spatial sound thanks to the asymmetrical arrangement of the drivers. Instruments come to the fore of the soundscape in a remarkably clear, vivid way and are perfectly arranged in the bass. The perceived sound is consistent with the sound of high-quality speakers, so the stereo imaging can be reliably analysed even through headphones. Another big advantage of the S-Logic® Plus technology is the fact that it is easy on the ears: the PRO 580i requires considerably less sound pressure to achieve the same perceived volume, so fatigue won’t set in even after hours of listening.

More sound insulation and channel separation
The dynamic ULTRASONE PRO 580i is based upon the closed-back design principle. This means the headphones provide insulation to shield the user from background noise and effectively absorb ambient noise. With that taken care of, it’s easy to concentrate on the task at hand in loud environments – the PRO 580i even creates a private acoustic space in open-plan offices. By insulating against background noise, the headphones also reduce the amount of sound pressure required, thus protecting the ears.