Wielenbach, 19. September 2017 – With the new PRO 480i, ULTRASONE is offering users a perfect introduction to the professional league of headphones. These dynamic headphones cover the entire range of human hearing, with closed ear cups to shield against background noise. Patented S-Logic® Plus technology ensures a spatial sound quality that is unrivalled by traditional headphones.

Enter the world of professional sound
Professional users have particular demands for their work tools. The ULTRASONE PRO 480i caters for these demands while also remaining extremely affordable. As such, even beginners can enjoy the extraordinary sound quality offered by Bavaria’s ULTRASONE. The 40mm Mylar drivers are set in motion by high-quality neodymium magnets and can reproduce frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz – that covers the entire spectrum of human hearing. This frequency range is particularly important for professionals: after all, they can only work with what they can hear!

Closed ear cup design for the ultimate working conditions
The closed ear cup design is also a must for many professional settings. The closed-back design of the PRO 480i produces a level of acoustic insulation that professionals require for a number of different reasons. Background noise causes less of a disturbance if the headphones offer adequate acoustic insulation – an important factor to consider at concerts with high volumes. In the studio, the reverse is often even more important: closed-back headphones prevent the playback being picked up by the microphones during recording. This is why closed-back headphones are used almost exclusively in studios.

The ultimate spatial sound production with S-Logic® Plus
The ULTRASONE PRO 480i features S-Logic® Plus technology. In this patented
S-Logic® technology, the drivers are arranged in an asymmetrical layout to produce an incredible spatial sound. The result is the impression that you are listening to a high-quality speaker, with a vibrant, precise soundscape and a vivid, authentic tonal depth gradation. So with ULTRASONE, you can reliably analyse acoustic soundscapes even when listening through headphones. Individual signals are positioned clearly and precisely. S-Logic® is also easy on the ears: the PRO 480i requires considerably less sound pressure to achieve the same perceived volume. Listener fatigue is thus significantly reduced, even during longer music sessions.

Folding mechanism for portability
Those who use headphones in live environments appreciate portability in high-quality professional headphones. The PRO 480i features a folding mechanism and hinged ear cups for remarkably compact storage. Fold in the ear cups or rotate the headphones to keep them flat – you’ll always have room in your bag from thePRO 480i. Made to be robust and durable, you’re sure to enjoy your PRO 480i for a very long time.

Extreme comfort for long sessions at work
Comfort is one of the most important criteria when choosing the right headphones, particularly as far as professional users are concerned. The comfortable cushioning of the PRO 480i ensures these headphones will not cause discomfort, even during long listening sessions. The adjustable headband can be adapted to suit any wearer. The pressure has been optimised to make sure the headphones fit securely without feeling uncomfortable.