Wielenbach, 25. July 2017 – The ULTRASONE Go celebrated its premiere in 2015: these supra-aural mobile headphones with patented S-Logic® Basic technology quickly gained many fans among travelling music aficionados. The successful mobile model has now been redesigned and goes on the market as a Bluetooth version. ULTRASONE has turned to the high resolution aptX® codec, thus guaranteeing that even wireless connections offer excellent sound quality. This makes the Go Bluetooth the ideal partner for smartphones, tablets and notebooks. The excellent sound and highly praised wear-comfort of the first Go generation remain unaltered. An integrated microphone means the Go Bluetooth does not have to be removed when phone calls come in. The closed design effectively insulates against background noise.

Excellent sound on your travels thanks to S-Logic® Basic
Small size, big sound: the ULTRASONE Go Bluetooth knows just how to cast a spell on listeners. Despite the compact capsule, there are fully fledged 40-millimetre sound. transducers on the inside. These offer a musical sound character and, with a range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, cover the entire tonal range of the human ear. The use of S-Logic® Basic technology creates a particularly spatial sound, excellent stereo panorama and precise depth gradation. The sound transducers are arranged decentrally.

Relaxed travel for your ears.
S-Logic® also means your hearing is put under less strain: this patented technology works at a sound pressure that is 3–4 dB lower – at the same perceived volume. This means fatigue-free listening for long periods of time, for example on long train or plane journeys. The closed construction also aids relaxed travelling: background noise is effectively reduced.

Audiophile sound reproduction via aptX® Bluetooth
The ULTRASONE Go Bluetooth features an audiophile aptX® codec that enables a wireless connection between the headphones and a smartphone, tablet or notebook. Depending on the spatial situation, you can be up to 30 metres from the audio source and still have reception. The batteries allow you to enjoy music for 21 to 23 hours at a time, and offer a standby life of 350 hours. The rechargeable battery of the ULTRASONE Go Bluetooth is fully charged within two and a half hours.

Headset included: phone calls, video conferences…
Thanks to the excellent sound and high wear-comfort, you won’t want to take off your ULTRASONE Go Bluetooth. The best thing is: you won’t even have to. An integrated microphone turns the headphones into a headset. Phone calls can easily be made with the Go Bluetooth, as can video conferences on your tablet or notebook.

The beat goes on… music, even when the battery is empty
If the battery is empty, the ULTRASONE Go Bluetooth can also be connected via a normal headphone jack, ensuring your music pleasure never has to end. A high-quality cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack is included as standard. The cable has textile sheathing and a remote control that also contains a microphone.

Fits any head – and in your hand luggage
The ULTRASONE Go Bluetooth features a sophisticated collapsing mechanism and can be easily folded together in the supplied bag and tucked away into your hand luggage. The small ULTRASONE will even fit easily into small notebook bags. When worn, the Go Bluetooth will open up a three-dimensional world of sound that can be listened to for hours upon end. This is facilitated by the particularly soft cushioning. The headphones weigh in at just 162 grams, contributing to the superb wear-comfort.