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Information on the content of the newsletter, the transit procedure and statistics

What kind of content can I expect?

We inform you about current developments of ​​our audio products, new blog posts or upcoming events. Also there are news from the manufactory, insights into corporate philosophy and our social projects.

How often are the newsletters sent?

The newsletter will be sent approximately every 14 days. The frequency depends on the topics and the technical developments, as well as the current movements in the industry.

Double-Opt-In and Opt-Out

You will receive a so-called double-opt-in e-mail, in which you will be asked to confirm the registration. You can cancel your subscription the newsletter at any time (so-called opt-out). You can find a unsubscribe link in every newsletter or double opt-in email.

Privacy Policy

Detailed information on the transit procedure and statistics as well as on your revocation options can be found in our <a href=”https://ultrasone.com/privacy-policy/?lang=en” target=”_blank”>privacy policy</a>.

Statistics and Success Measurement

In order to optimize the newsletter for you, you agree to our evaluation, which we use to measure how often the newsletter is opened and which links the readers click on.

Use of MailChimp

The newsletter is sent via MailChimp, which also stores the e-mail addresses and other information about sending and analyzing the newsletter.

Visit us!

Manufactory on hand

By appointment it is possible to visit our manufactory and to listen to our headphones on site



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82407 Wielenbach

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