Wielenbach, 18. July 2017 – From classic headphones to Bluetooth headphones in next to no time: all thanks to the SIRIUS from ULTRASONE. This ultra compact Bluetooth adapter can be simply attached to a model of your choice from the ULTRASONE Performance headphone series, turning them into a wireless Bluetooth model. And thanks to an aptX® codec, audio transmission is simply the best. Enjoy music for up to 12 hours at a time. The SIRIUS also turns Performance headphones into a headset, as a microphone is integrated into the compact housing.

ULTRASONE Performance headphones go wireless
The Performance series is ULTRASONE’s strong range of closed dynamic all-round headphones: whether for audiophile music enjoyment, gaming, computer use or as headphones for on the go – the Performance models are perfect for the most varied of applications. Until now, listeners have been bound by a cable. But the ULTRASONE SIRIUS is setting them free!

Design perfectly suited to the Performance series
The ULTRASONE SIRIUS is an ultra-compact Bluetooth adapter that was developed specifically for the ULTRASONE Performance series of headphones. Its curved design is perfectly adapted to the shape of the headphones and can thus be integrated seamlessly. At just 12 grams, it is also hardly noticeable. Thanks to a bayonet fastening, the cable can be simply removed and the SIRIUS attached, quickly transforming the wired headphones into a Bluetooth model.

Best wireless audio transmission thanks to aptX® Bluetooth
The ULTRASONE SIRIUS uses a particularly high-resolution aptX® Bluetooth codec to transmit audio wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, notebooks, computers and hi-fi systems. This ensures that the audio material is of the highest possible quality when it reaches the headphones. In addition to the Bluetooth module, the SIRIUS also contains a powerful amplifier that provides excellent sound reproduction – just as if the SIRIUS were connected to a high-quality headphone amplifier.

An integrated microphone turns headphones into a headset
Thanks to the integrated microphone, ULTRASONE Performance headphones will be transformed when combined with the SIRIUS – and can therefore be used much more flexibly: to make calls on a smartphone, to take part in video conferences on a computer or notebook, or as wireless gaming headphones.

Simple operation and volume control
There are three buttons on the side of the SIRIUS: the volume can be flexibly adjusted using the rocker. At the very highest level, listeners can experience the impressive power of the integrated amplifier. The SIRIUS also has a play/pause button that can be used to start and stop the music playing on the connected device.

Powerful rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of continuous musical enjoyment
The ULTRASONE SIRIUS has a powerful rechargeable battery: listeners can enjoy music for up to 12 hours at a time. Thus even long train and plane journeys will not be a problem. Music lovers can be as far as 20 meters away from the Bluetooth source. Standby mode lasts up to 160 hours. It takes around one hour to fully charge the SIRIUS. For this, a compact mains adapter is included in the delivery.