Frequently Answers and Questions:

Here you will hopefully find all answers to your urgent questions about ULTRASONE headphones.

Where can I download the Declaration of Conformity?2018-07-26T10:22:37+00:00

The Declaration of Conformity for the Go Bluetooth and SIRIUS Bluetooth adapter is available in our download center: https://ultrasone.com/press/download/?lang=en

You can also download the file here: Declaration of Conformity

Do I need a software for using the NAOS on my Windows computer?2018-03-05T13:35:11+00:00

If you want to use the NAOS DAC on your Windows 7 PC, you must install a driver first. You may download the driver free of charge from our homepage: https://goo.gl/bzWHh4  – If you are using a Windows 10 PC, there is no installation necessary.

Follow the installation instructions step by step to make sure that the software on your PC will be properly installed. When the installation is complete, you can fully enjoy your Digital Analog converter from ULTRASONE.

If you are using a Macbook, there is no need to install a separate driver. You can easily connect the mobile amplifier with the required cable to your MacBook. It will be automatically found and is immediately ready for music playback via iTunes, Spotify and Co.

Where can I find replacement parts for my headphones?2017-11-15T16:44:22+00:00

Whether ear cushions, headbands or cables, all of these replacement parts can be bought from our online shop or one of our sales partners. We also offer a wide variety of additional products (e.g. transport bags, adapters).

I want to try out a pair of ULTRASONE headphones. Where can I find a specialist retailer in my area?2017-11-15T16:44:04+00:00

You can gladly try out our headphones in order to find your favourite pair. Simply ask one of our sales partners where you can find an authorised ULTRASONE retailer in your area. You can find our sales partners from across the globe on this website under…

Are you close to the ULTRASONE production facility? Then get in touch via email or phone to find an appointment that suits us both. You can then try out our various headphone models in our ULTRASONE Experience Center.

My ULTRASONE headphones are defective – What should I do?2017-11-15T16:43:34+00:00

If your ULTRASONE headphones are defective, please contact the ULTRASONE retailer that sold you the product. They will then arrange a repair service for you. Please always include your purchase receipt for repairs within the warrantee period. Without the appropriate proof of warrantee, repairs can only be carried out for a fee.

If you purchased your headphones directly from ULTRASONE, you can contact us directly for repair services. Please always include your purchase receipt for repairs within the warrantee period. Without the appropriate proof of warrantee, repairs can only be carried out for a fee.

What`s the best way to clean the leather ear cushions?2017-11-15T16:42:49+00:00

Some of our headphones come with high-quality, real-leather ear cushions, which you can clean with a slightly damp or dry cloth. The real leather cushions should not be greased/cleaned using any products – these products will only corrode the leather. We recommend cleaning the cushions with a moist cloth after heavy use.

Ear cushions are subject to normal wear and tear and should therefore be replaced after a long period of use. You can find the suitable replacement components in our online shop.

Can I register my Ultrasone headphones?2018-03-01T14:35:47+00:00

Yes, you can register your Ultrasone headphones with us, which allows you to customize them. For registration we need the date of purchase, seller information, your contact details including email address and, of course, details about the product (product name and serial number).

You will then receive an email from us confirming your registration. In case of theft or loss, this confirmation email will serve as proof of ownership.

Register your ULTRASONE product here: CLICK

Do heaphones need to be “run in”?2017-11-15T16:44:47+00:00

We recommend that you run your headphones in, because it really does make a difference. This affects the moving components like the coil and the membrane. The latter is particularly affected when the membrane is coated, especially when coated with titanium. The components get “run in”, the plastic (Mylar) membrane becomes more flexible, the internal stress in the material and between the membrane and the coating reduces. All components play and work better together. We cannot provide explicit physical evidence for this, but years of experience shows that the sound develops positively. The extent of this varies and is not the same for every converter or headphones. The high frequencies lose their sharp points, the bass becomes more precise and the overall sound gets more round and harmonious.

Running in therefore definitely improves the sound, but the basic characteristics of the headphones remain fundamentally unchanged. When trying to analyse sound, “human” factors (such as familiarisation, mood, etc.) also play a role and should by no means be underestimated.

In conclusion it can be observed that there is no definitive proof, and that is why there will always be two camps, proponents and naysayers, when it comes to running in.